Real Recognize Real Art & People

RRR WORLDWIDE is a creative studio where products and designs are inspired by spirituality, modern art and hip-hop culture. RRR, meaning “Real Recognize Real”, is the clever name Randy Jeremia gave to the brand. He started it in 2020 to communicate with people all over the world. ‘Real’ stands for being you and staying true to yourself. In essence, RRR WORLDWIDE is about sharing unique stories. Not only is that the main source of inspiration when designing, it’s also the focus of the end product meant to inspire, connect and share stories.

RRR WORLDWIDE was established in 2020 with art & design as the basis. He believes that if you stay true to yourself you will connect with individuals who are on that same path as you. With this in mind, RRR WORLDWIDE, will continue to pursue making Real products and connect with Real people Worldwide. To share and inspire. ✨


Thank you all so much for following me on my journey! Y’all keep it RRR€AL 

Biography Randy Jeremia

October 23rd, 1997, The Netherlands. A young man with a dream, a plan & a good amount of self awareness. Digital art brought to life in the real world. Randy Jeremia’s art & design is an ode to staying true to yourself and feeling independently free. Randy’s work is Inspired by Hip-Hop music, spirituality and modern art.

As a graphic designer with more than 5 years of experience, Randy is specialized in Photoshop & Illustrator. Design is his passion, with this passion he likes to visualize your creative ideas and think along with you about how you can build or improve your concept. Interested? Let’s connect!

My Experience

Digital Art - 5 years
Branding - 5 years
Illustrations - 5 years
Concept Development - 3 years
Customer Service - 7 years

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